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Paisajes rurales

By Silvia Pellegrini

For a painter, as for a musician and all those who possess the possibility of artistic creation, the important thing is not the subject, but knowing what to do with it. 
It is evident that Marcela Pittner has found in her spiritual roots the metaphysical material with which she elaborates her works.
Evidence of a deep knowledge of the human body is the sharpness with which it traces its lines, schematizing the contours and thus achieving a conception of its works, the thematic deepening that transmits with the harmonious unfolding
drawing The conscious, lyrical and current image Marcela Pittner denotes obsession with refined and sensual lines.
"Julia" (oil), female nude, is proof of her vivid figurative conception, in a theme of authentic permanence.
The artist works with a living model, which suggests that the plastic formation corresponds to a healthy classic aspect as a support, since this work presents contemporary criteria.
A range of warm colors in the figure and an achieved background that supports the image, formulated through countless transparencies, seductive and mysterious glazes, like the almost invisible drops of water that run through the figure, make up the work of intimate cut.
Marcela Pittner paints other reasons. The compositional elements, almost "still life", can be glasses, jars bottles, "Tomás a cognac? (oil). These have an almost hyper treatment that shows the ductility of the artist.
The work is exuberant in the treatment of light, the beautiful line in the contours, the intellectual correspondence light-color-form.
Elaborate backgrounds not only serve the studied resolution of the work, but create an atmosphere of studied compositional knowledge.
We can affirm that Marcela Pittner possesses an inexhaustible creative capacity and knows how to express it with total freedom.