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Paisajes rurales

By Cesar Magrini


Different degrees of perfection offers the present picture, and in its various elements, in a total synthesis and extremely fortunate. There are three planes in which I could divide it for its examination and its subsequent analysis, and from all of them the composition emerges, so many are the virtues that it brings together. First, the metal jar that acts as a vertical trunk on which part of the composition rests, which here must fulfill a role, without any discussion, preponderant. Everything has been shaped by the artist with enviable merits, and what is more valuable, without falling into a hyperrealism, which in his case would sound cheap and false. No, she seems to be saying from her painting Marcela Pittner, in any case willing to accept a poetic realism of which she stands as an illustrious spokesperson. The two flowers follow, two roses, very noble, both in the purity of their lines and in the almost immaterial of their collaboration, which prepares the mind of the beholder for the nuances that are received next, when following a downward line of examination of the exquisite composition, which is resolved in the folds of a delicate gauze cloth, whose white form the most splendid frame for roses: it is precisely there, in those immaterial folds, where they find the fullness of their wonder and the happiness of their presence . 
The painter has not left any element of her painting freed at random, and yet this impression spontaneously, as the work of a happy and conveniently born inspiration, which finds its full justification in itself and in that creative impulse to which she so satisfactorily responds , and thus the sky is completed to which every work of art must aspire, in terms of being received intact in the values ​​of its creation.