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Paisajes rurales

By Ana Piasek

Marcela Patner's striking picture portrays a biq city with tall buildings depicted as flawless small geometric shapes that seen at a distante conceal countless stories.This interesting image is as meticulous and sharp os a photo, and seems to convey the nomeless feelings of urban dwellers, those who ivish to stroll along all avenues and all alleys, those to atternpt to own the place to no avail because it does not want to. lt is perhaps not by chance that the gifted artist decided to paint such detailed rnetropolis where human beings remain invisible. This work describes a world of concrete next to a waterway ando harbor, where the characteristic urban anonymity prevails. Emphasizing this mysterious and charming feature, the cool palette teems with sparkling blues that surround whitish skyscrapers. This is an ideal choice intended to organize a huge cityscape where people are not seen but do exist, and tiemble at every turn.